During the late 70's and to the early 80's, the world witnessed the active participation and growth in oil exporting nations within the Middle East Region to a global economy. This economic progress led to the development of the Recruitment Industry in the Philippines. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) played a vital role in all established and growing business in the Middle East and else, where in the world. The success of most growth sustaining companies in the Middle East Region is significantly due to the presence of OFWs. The Filipinos account for more than 7.5 million overseas (land-based and sea-based)indeed a credible testament that Filipinos are preferred among other nations which export manpower to developed countries. This is because of our inherent ability to cope with the international standards and our proficiency in the English language. Until recently, new markets were developed; such as, Europe, Caribbean, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. These countries have been the destination and source of attractive overseas employment opportunities. Louis International Manpower Services Incorporated (LIS) has been, in the past years, at in the forefront of the recruitment Industry in the Philippines.